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nether adj
1 lower; "gnawed his nether lip"
2 of the underworld; "nether regions" [syn: chthonian, chthonic, lower]
3 located below or beneath something else; "nether garments"; "the under parts of a machine" [syn: under]

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Middle English nether, nethere, nithere, from Old English nithera, from niþer, nithor, adverb, down, downward; akin to Old Saxon nithiri, adjective, nether, nithar, adverb, down, Old High German nidari, nidaro, adjective, nether, nidar, adverb, down, Old Norse nethri, netharri, adjective, nether, nithr, adverb, down; all from a Germanic word that is a compar. of a word akin to Sanskrit ni down; akin to Old English in -- more at IN



  1. lower; under
    The disappointed child’s nether lip quivered.
  2. lying or conceived as lying beneath the earth’s surface.
    The nether regions.
beneath the earth's surface

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